Your investing in your wedding, so don’t skimp on the wedding photographer-Invest in them. Making a good investment for your wedding artwork is one of the most invaluable things you can do for your wedding. Because after the flowers wilt, the china is put away, the dresses are hung up, and the decor is removed, the photography remains.

So many people have told me how they wished they had hired a professional wedding photographer because their photos were “fine” but they just were not what they were expecting and it really didn’t tell their story.  Others tell me it was the last photos of a loved one who passed sometime after and how grateful they were to have to have those moments set in a visual memory.

Professionals have a way to make the images they create look easy, but in reality, they have the “know-how” to make them just look like it was easy. A great photographer can take any wedding and make it look like it cost a million bucks-no matter the budget.  Let your senior shine with my person-focused photography.

My goal is to TELL YOUR STORY….

I am a Chattanooga Tennessee based photographer and appreciate your time And thank you for choosing Dena Johnson of Johnson De Photography for your wedding and portrait photography needs.  Contact us now to schedule a consultation.  Click here to view the Collections!