About Dena

I am wedding photographer and business owner of Johnson De Photography, Dena J.  I am married 8 years now and have a have a wonderful 3 year old who keeps life very interesting.  He has my camera in his face so often, that he just gives big adorable smiles now.

Although I began photography years ago with a love of landscapes, I have found passion in being able to bring out someone’s personality or capture someone’s wedding day and give them memories that they can cherish forever.  Every time you look through your album or see the art upon your walls, I want you to remember that day and be able to happily relive those moments.  I want to be the one to tell your story.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. As your photographer, I will work to ensure your artwork is special and beautiful.  Choose me to be the wedding photographer to tell your story….

If you would like to discuss more about booking, please contact me at 423-842-4209.  You may also send me a message directly through my contact page.